Printing Agency Sponsors The Wheel’s 2017 Conference

Here at Doggett Group, we provide high-quality print solutions for a huge variety of clients. It’s what makes us one of the best printing agencies in Ireland. Exceptional service at the right price is a key component in all of our work, but we also make sure to take every opportunity to support organisations that have a meaningful effect on people’s lives.

As such, this year the team at Doggett Group printing agency were proud to sponsor The Wheel’s 2017 Conference in Croke Park.

The Wheel

The Wheel is an amazing organisation that does excellent work throughout Ireland. They are a support and representative body which actively connects communities, voluntary organisations and other Irish charities.

Established in 1999, The Wheel has evolved to become a popular resource centre for the community and voluntary sector. For years, they’ve had a massive impact on people’s lives and the quality of their work goes a long way to help create a better future for all.

Kindness and support are the main ingredients to help those in need. The Wheel is the umbrella organisation for every group in Ireland that works to achieve exactly this. Our team are delighted to have contributed and we look forward to helping the charity and voluntary sector grow even more.

Our Work As This Year’s Conference Printing Agency

For this year’s Conference in Croke Park, we were the printing agency for The Wheel and for the vast majority of exhibitors in attendance. As you can imagine, the project was an enormous undertaking. It required us to provide a huge number of banners, brochures, leaflets, business cards, display banner stands, and to fulfil many other bespoke requests.

It’s important for any organisation to establish their brand identity and outline exactly what they do. Printed material communicates this in the most effective way. Through great design, which we provide with our sister company Stray Dog, these objectives can be combined to create high-quality results that represent your company at its best.

Charity Discounts

Doggett Group is a member of The Wheel’s Resource Point program.

Resource Point was established to allow The Wheel’s members to avail of professional services at discounted rates. The program is a super way to help charities accomplish their goals in the most cost-effective manner possible. Most of all, it has proven to be a tremendous help in allowing them to support more and more people.

There are over 1,300 charity members within The Wheel and they all provide important and meaningful services to every county in Ireland. A full list of all the charities registered with The Wheel can be found here.

Alongside ourselves, Energia, Three, and BHP, The Wheel’s Resource Point program covers every need a charity organisation could have. It’s this program that enables charities to do more with their available funding and helps them to grow their reach year after year.

Charity Promotion

The voluntary sector is an important part of what we do at Doggett Group. As a national printing agency, we provide comprehensive services for the Irish Cancer Society’s Daffodil Day, The Irish Heart Foundation’s Happy Hearts Day, and Pieta House’s Darkness into Light. With these campaigns, we are responsible for the printed materials that promote the essential work that these charities do.

For example, one challenge that we enjoy tackling every year is bespoke Christmas card design, a task that requires us to produce thousands of cards for the charity and voluntary sector. This gives our team the opportunity to create beautiful work as well communicate an important message. Due to the significant increase in the price of the postage stamp, the message to get across this year will be, ‘A stamp and card deliver priceless sentiments of cheer this Christmas’.

Christmas cards are a vital source of revenue for charities and a great way to highlight what they stand for to the public at large. What’s more, all of this is accomplished through the simple gesture of sending a card. They can act as great little props to decorate the house with festive cheer, but most of all it’s an important reminder to those in need that someone is thinking of them over the holiday season.

A sample of our Christmas card brochure can be found here. Our team will be happy to help you with any queries and can customise each order to suit your brand.

Doggett Group

Doggett Group is an umbrella organisation of 4 sister companies who each focus on different areas of the print industry. Doggett Print is the printing wing of the business, Stray Dog is where you can get all your print designs done to the precise specifications, OC Digital is another wing of our digital printing section, and lastly Doggett Promotional is where you can get all of your branded and printed promotional items.

We are the best printing agency to help you communicate what your company is about. Through high-quality design, branding and printed materials, we can help to grow your business, so make sure to get in contact with our printing agency today: 01 5310965.