3 Print Outsourcing Tips: Marketing For Small Business Owners

As a small business owner, every penny you spend on a print marketing campaign should be put to good use.

Even so, you already know what it’s like to print cheap flyers and find that they’re just gathering dust in your desktop drawer.

There are a lot of pitfalls to be aware of if you want to avoid this. Bad distribution plans, ordering too much or not enough, and basic bad design can have a terrible effect on the potential benefits you could enjoy.

Because you don’t have time to research everything you need to know, we’ve gathered the most relevant tips on how to create a successful print marketing campaign when you outsource the work to a printing company.

Print Outsourcing Tips: Marketing For Small Business Owners

1. Figure out your distribution plan

A good print outsourcing company should have a distribution option for you to avail of.

However, as a small business owner you might be on a budget and will want to handle some of the distribution yourself.

While this can be a good idea, make sure that you know how to create a marketing strategy.

Where will you hand out your flyers? Are there other local businesses where you can display them? Can you afford somebody to do a post box campaign, or are you able to do the legwork yourself?

Take all of this into account before you decide how you want a print outsourcing company to handle your campaign.

2. Create a quality design

Even when you’re offering the deal of the century to your customers, you need to make sure that the announcement is professionally designed if you expect it to get anybody’s attention.

Chances are you’re not a designer yourself, but even for small business owners print outsourcing companies can offer a huge range of print solutions that are extremely affordable.

Shop around, get quotes, and choose somebody who you’re confident will produce quality print work at the right price.

3. Know what you want to accomplish

Decide what you want your marketing campaign to accomplish.

Are you looking to get more likes on your Facebook page?

Are you trying to drum up interest in an upcoming sales promotion?

Or are you simply the new barber shop in town, hoping to make the locals aware that you’re open for business?

Your print outsourcing company can build a strategy around your intent and from that you should be able to set targets of how many people you want to reach, what you’re able to spend, and how many brochures or leaflets you will need to have prepared.

Of course, nobody expects you to be an expert.

Our friendly print outsourcing team are ready to talk with you today, so if you’re ready to make your small business become a big one, make sure to get in touch.