4 Print Management Tips: Keeping A Cohesive Brand

You’ve seen it before: A company that has let their brand go.

Once upon a time, they had all of their bags, leaflets, vans and staff decked out in a distinct bright red that made their company rise above the crowd and last long in memory.

Now their bags are brown, their staff are wearing jeans, and it looks like their business card was an afterthought handled by a completely different team than the people who designed their logo.

How does it happen? And how can you stop it happening to you?

Keeping a cohesive brand is a lot like good housekeeping.

Every now and again a big spring clean can do a world of good, but mostly it’s a matter of keeping on top of things day after day, year after year.

Here are 5 simple ways an experienced print management company can keep your brand nailed down.

Top 4 Print Management Tips For Keeping A Cohesive Brand

1. Know Your Brand Personality

To keep your brand in line across all the forms of media you’ll be utilising, the first thing you need to be able to do is outline exactly what your brand is.

In some instances, this might be a case of knowing the colour of your logo and sticking to it.

In others, it might be the tone of copy in your leaflets and brochures.

Wherever your brand is in the public eye, you should know exactly how you want it to be seen.

2. Make Brand Management An Important Job Role

You don’t have to create a new position for somebody to keep an eye on your brand, but you should have somebody in-house who can handle it to some extent.

For example, if a designer is updating your website and they make a button blue instead of green, then there should be a person on staff who can inform them of their mistake.

It’s also important that the criteria your brand follows is outlined.

People often change jobs, and when you’re replacing somebody who you relied on to keep your brand consistent, you should make the handover of responsibilities as smooth as possible.

Failing to do so is often where small lapses in brand management start to build.

3. Keep A Library Of Brand Assets

When you work with a good print management company to create a new business card, poster or custom packaging, they might want you to provide a number assets.

Vector files of your logo, font names, hi-res photography that you’ve used elsewhere.

Often, a company might not realise that they should hold onto these things.

So remember, when somebody provides creative work for you, always hold onto the files so that you can reference them in the future.

4. Make Sure To Work With Designers Who Want To Understand Your Brand

There are jobs you want done as quickly as possible.

In such instances, you might decide to go for the first Dublin based print management company you cross paths with, but it’s important to find a team who make an effort to understand your brand.

You know as well as anybody how valuable time is in business.

When a design team is willing to use theirs for you, it’s because they want to provide you with a top quality product.

That doesn’t mean the process can’t be handled efficiently of course.

A professional design company will work hard to learn the rules of your brand and produce creative results from it in a timely manner.

Need help maintaining your brand consistency across all print collateral? Make sure to get in touch when you want to create a cohesive brand.