7 Mistakes When Using a Printing Company

When using a printing company, no matter what service your availing of, mistakes are inevitable. Many clients make very easily avoidable mistakes time and time again. So, before you order any printing, it’s important to know the pitfalls and how to avoid them. By doing this, you’ll save yourself and your company valuable time and money. So, here’s a list of 7 of the biggest mistakes you can make when using a printing company.


1. Choosing One Based on The Lowest Cost

Okay, so the first, probably most obvious, mistake people make when using a printing company is choosing a printing service provider based on the lowest cost option they can find. Price is just one of three things you should take into consideration when deciding on which printing company to use. The other two considerations being quality and service.


It’s not possible for a company in any industry to offer the cheapest price and deliver the highest quality and the best service all the time. So, choosing a printer just because they’re the cheapest may end up costing you more than you planned for. So, bear that in mind when doing your research and consider the total value package of quality, service and price.


using a print company with the lowest cost


2. Using a Printing Company that Doesn’t Guarantee their Work

Okay so you’ve found a printer that delivers on price, quality and service within your budget. Fantastic! The only thing is, they won’t guarantee their work. What do you do? All reputable printers (or even printer who just value repeat business) will guarantee their work. This means a printer that has made a mistake will replace whatever’s needed, no charge, no questions asked.


Unfortunately, there are printers out there that won’t guarantee their work. If everything works out as it should then this won’t be much of an issue. However, if something goes wrong this can cause A LOT of problems. If printers don’t guarantee their work, they won’t take any responsibility for their error and will not re-print the job for you free of charge. This can be extremely problematic, especially if you’re working with a tight government.


3. Always Having Companies “Bid”

This point ties into the first one about not solely basing your choice of printing company on the cheapest option available. Because printing is a craft, the best most skilled printers take a lot of pride in what they do and won’t sacrifice the quality of their work to produce a lower cost product. Therefore, while the bidding process may seem like a great way to do business, and sometimes it really is, having printing companies bid for your business may not be the best way to deal with quality printers.


4. Thinking All Printers Are the Same

Contrary to what many people think, printing is not just about running paper through a press and pushing a few buttons. It takes a great deal of knowledge and skill to turn out a high quality professional printing job.


Each printing company will have a completely different set of core capabilities. Some print companies might specialise on small-run prints of posters and leaflets. While others might excel in fast turnaround times. So, finding one that specialises in whatever area you’re interested in is vital for ensuring that you walk away with the best quality product possible.


5. Thinking the Latest Equipment is All That’s Needed

Print companies often dazzle prospective clients with their state-of-the-art equipment. However, a company that owns the newest most expensive equipment may seem really impressive, but bear in mind that unless the person operating the machine has the necessary skills, having the best equipment will be of little benefit. A skilled operator on an old press will produce work of a much higher standard than a lesser skilled operator on a new press.


So, when using a printing company, don’t be blinded by dazzling new machinery as often it’s the person behind it that counts. Beware of any companies that tout their newest equipment as the best reason to work with them. Just because a printer owns the latest-and-greatest equipment, doesn’t mean they know how to run it. These pieces of equipment are operated by people and every person has a different skill level and technique.


using a printing company to plan project


6. Not Asking Your Printers to Help Plan Your Project

A good printer, especially one familiar with you and your work, will catch mistakes before they happen in the pre-press stage. Before you start a project, consult your printer. Discussing your project with them at this stage is always a good idea. They may be able to help you design it more efficiently or give you some ideas that you would have never considered yourself. Not only will this will save you time and money, but it will also result in a better-quality end result. Remember, the relationship you have with your printing company is a partnership so don’t be afraid to get them involved in the process.


7. Not TRIPLE Checking your work

Professional printing companies take pride in the quality of the work they produce and will always strive to avoid mistakes, but very often the client fails to check their work before sending this to print. The secret to error-free printing is to check, double check and triple check any design or copy before it is sent to the printers. If in doubt, have a friend or colleague cast their eye over the finished design to see if they can spot anything unusual. This can help avoid costly or embarrassing mistakes.


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