How to Choose a Print Management Company

Are you looking for print management solutions for your business? Maybe you’re wondering how to choose the right printing company for you. Well here’s our checklist of the 10 things to look for in a print management company. 


1. Innovation

Choose a print management company that can offer your business innovative print solutions, to help you stand out from your competitors. As a business, you need to make a mark on the industry you operate in and set yourself apart from others. Therefore, you need a print management company that understands innovation.


2. Ongoing Support

Ask yourself, can this company provide ongoing support for my business? As your business evolves your needs will change. This involves ongoing consultations and recommendations from your print management company.


3. A Complete Solution

Make sure you choose a print company that provides a complete solution for your requirements. For example, if you need stationery branding can your print management company print on all the stationery items you require? Or are they just limited to business cards and headed paper?


4. Best in Class

You need a print management company that delivers best in class service, delivery, personnel and operational processes. It’s not just enough to have a good team, you need a provider that’s the best in class across all areas of its organisation.


5. Quality Portfolio of Work

Ask to see their portfolio of work. Any print company worth their salt will have a portfolio of their best work that they can show you. What’s their niche? Does it mesh well with the kind of services you’re looking for?


6. Technically Competent

Investigate whether the print management company has the technical expertise to deliver what you’re looking for. Can they deliver what they say? Again look at their past work to verify what kind of projects they’ve delivered in the past.


7. Reliability

How reliable is this print management company? Can they deliver on time? Look for any online reviews or customer testimonials. Are customers satisfied with the service they received? Do they mention reliability?


8. The Team

Does the print management company have experienced personnel capable of advising on more than just the printing? Print management companies are more than just printers, they’re multi-channel partners. The right print management company can provide expertise on everything from direct marketing to copywriting to promotional items.


9. Range of Services

Establish the range of services each print management company can offer. This useful to know before you choose the right print provider for your business. As your company grows, you may need a different set of services than you do now. So, choosing a print solutions provider with an extensive range of services can be helpful as your organisation grows.


10. Online Presence

How does your supplier engage with its audience? Do they offer expert advise and produce great content? Are they on social media? This is particularly relevant if your print management company boasts digital marketing as one of the services it provides, how do they market themselves? Do they have an online presence? If not, they maybe their not as skilled in this area as they’d like you to think.


Are you looking for a great print management company? Doggett Group have years of experience developing print management solutions that delight both our clients and their customers. So, if your business needs a print management company, contact us today.