Digital Printing Guide

Digital printing has dramatically changed what’s possible in the printing industry. Now, more than ever, the possibilities are endless. But what is digital printing? And what are the types of printing jobs it works best for? We’ve answered all those questions in our handy Digital Printing Guide.


What is Digital Printing?

First, what actually is digital printing and how does it differ from the traditional offset printing? Well, unlike offset printing and other forms of commercial printing methods that use printing plates and presses, digital printing prints directly from the digital file.

Digital printing eliminates the mechanical steps used in conventional printing and does not require an intermediary medium such as film, or an intermediary machine, such as a plate maker.

Digital printing is growing in popularity at the expense of offset printing because last-minute revisions and corrections can be made at minimal cost without requiring much setup.

Because it allows a company to print professional quality brochures, personalized direct mail, labels, plastic cards and graphic overlays on an as-needed basis, digital printing is sometimes referred to as “on-demand printing.”


The Advantages of Digital Printing

No digital printing guide would be complete without outlining the many advantages digital printing has to offer. Below is a list of some of the best advantages that digital printing can provide.

  • Digital printing eliminates the expense of plate-making
  • It also eliminates the time spent setting up the presses.
  • It makes it easier and less expensive to make last minute changes to a print job
  • File preparation may be less complicated for those unfamiliar with commercial printing


the only digital printing guide you'll need


When to Use Digital Printing

The good news is, that digital printing can be used for just about anything that offset printing can do. This includes books, brochures, posters, business cards, large format printing and lots more.  Digital printing is particularly useful for small-run prints and doing print-on-demand jobs.


A Digital Printing Guide to Preparing Files

For digital printing its important you prepare your files correctly.  Improper file prep can result in delays and added cost if your printing company has to fix your files for you. So, here’s a digital printing guide to preparing your files.

  • When you’re preparing your digital files, find out if your printer prefers PDF files of the original application files.
  • When sending graphics, watch out for the file type, colour, compressions and complexity as these can all jeopardise your digital printing job.
  • Clarify with your printing company, if they would prefer you to send your file via disk or memory stick or by uploading your file online. Your printer might require a proof or a mockup, so make sure you verify this beforehand.


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